Important DLC fixture rebate eligibility information

Due to recent changes in DLC regulations in April 2017, some of our earlier models which are DLC 3.0 are no longer eligible for rebates as they are below 100 lumens per watt.

Most of our fixtures are at DLC 4.0 which currently provides the eligibility for rebates. Please refer to the specific DLC and local utility rebate information in your area to confirm which fixtures will qualify for a rebate and for how much.

Accessories for LED Round High bay

Warehouse LED Round high bay

Diffusers and bottom conical lens for LED Round high bay


Model Product code Materials Dimensions Download IES files for Round High Bay HE with DIFFUSER
ASD-DRHB-16PC 123.0406 Polycarbonate 16.1"x10.5"
ASD-DRHB-19PC 123.0407 Polycarbonate 18.9"x12"
ASD-DRHB-16AL 123.0408 Aluminum 16.5"x9"

Bottom conical lens

Model Product code Materials
Dimensions, inch
ASD-BLRHB-16PC 123.0409 Polycarbonate 16" (410 mm) 15.9x1.26
ASD-BLRHB-19PC 123.0410 Polycarbonate 19" (480 mm) 18.7x1.65