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Thank you for choosing to distribute ASD Lighting products. In order to facilitate achieving the highest customer service standards for our customers, we ask that you fill in the appropriate fields so we can process your request in a timely manner. Should you have items that were damaged during transit, we request that you submit pictures of all damaged items along with this completed form.
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Non-damaged/non-defective items can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. 20% restocking fee will be applied, customer is responsible for return shipping. Please read our Terms and conditions
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Disclaimer: All orders should be accounted for and inspected for any physical damage upon delivery. You must notify us, in writing, of any damage or missing items on your order immediately upon of receipt. If we request that you return damaged or defective items, you must do so within 30 days of approval. Should you fail to return the requested items within those 30 days, we will invoice you for them. Any orders being returned for a credit only (no replacement) will be charged for any applicable freight charges plus a 20% restocking fee should they be in a good and re-sellable condition, with no writing on the package. Please review our TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE for further information. If you need a copy of our TERMS you may request one from our Customer Service team, by calling our office 781-739-3977.