Important DLC fixture rebate eligibility information

Due to recent changes in DLC regulations in April 2017, some of our earlier models which are DLC 3.0 are no longer eligible for rebates as they are below 100 lumens per watt.

Most of our fixtures are at DLC 4.0 which currently provides the eligibility for rebates. Please refer to the specific DLC and local utility rebate information in your area to confirm which fixtures will qualify for a rebate and for how much.

LED Shoe box light

LED Shoe box light

ASD slim shoe box lights use up to 80% less energy than metal halide or high pressure sodium lights and put out a much nicer light. Lights up instantly, no warm-up period needed, type III distribution, wider and broader lighting coverage, efficient brightness for large industry outdoor applications.

These lights are perfect for retrofit or new construction applications in industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, commercial, office, residential, and hospitality facilities. Pre-installed shorting circuit cap allows installing photocell if needed (photocell not included).

Slip fitter mounting design for more flexible lighting direction, can be readjust according to different needs and installation location requirements. Mounting accessories and instruction manual included in package.


LED Shoe Box light

Model Product code
IP lm/w
CRI Operating t° Power
CCT lm
Dimming Cut Sheet IES Certificate
ASD-LSB1P-100D50PRM 027.0020 100-277V 2,100 IP65 134 120° ≥80 -22+122°F -30~+50℃ 100W 19 3/16 12 5/8 3 1/2 5,000 13,440 R>54,000 C>250,000 1-10V
ASD-LSB1P-150D50PRM 027.0021 100-277V 3,150 IP65 123 120° ≥80 -22+122°F -30~+50°C 100W 19 3/16 12 5/8 3 1/2 5,000 18,498 R>54,000 C>250,000 1-10V
ASD-LSB1P-200D50PRM 027.0023 100-277V 6,700 IP65 121 120° ≥80 -22+122°F -30~+50℃ 200W 19 3/16 12 5/8 3 1/2 5,000 24,268 R>54,000 C>250,000 1-10V