About Us

Founded in 1999, ASD Lighting is one of the fastest growing LED lighting manufacturers in the US.

Our main strategy can best be described by our slogan, “A New Standard in Lighting”. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and affordability sets us apart as the premier choice for those seeking unmatched value in the market. Our extensive range of top-tier LED products caters to a variety of needs, spanning commercial, industrial, multifamily, and residential applications.

What truly distinguishes us is our exceptional service, widely recognized as industry leading. Our suite of user-friendly online tools simplifies partnership with us, making it not just straightforward but also enjoyable. Our cutting-edge EDI and API modules elevate this collaboration to a whole new level of efficiency. And, at the heart of it all, our online portal stands as a powerful resource, promoting transparency and swiftness in our partnership.

Despite our stature as a large corporation, we proudly embrace the spirit of a small company, attentively attuned to your needs and open to your valuable suggestions.