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Important DLC fixture rebate eligibility information

Due to recent changes in DLC regulations in April 2017, some of our earlier models which are DLC 3.0 are no longer eligible for rebates as they are below 100 lumens per watt.

Most of our fixtures are at DLC 4.0 which currently provides the eligibility for rebates. Please refer to the specific DLC and local utility rebate information in your area to confirm which fixtures will qualify for a rebate and for how much.



Lighting fixtures



Lighting fixtures



Lighting fixtures

LED lighting has come a long way since its inception in 1962. ASD LED luminaires are designed with longevity in mind. ASD’s LED technology provides a natural, brighter, mercury free light all while lowering the wattage consumption significantly.

ASD Lighting has been in business in Eastern Europe since 1999 and is one of the fastest growing LED luminaire manufacturers in the USA. ASD lighting offers both indoor and outdoor luminaires that pass rigorous testing procedures established by UL®, DLC® & Energy Star®. All of our products are listed in the Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts program. We stand behind our products offering robust warranties.

ASD LED Luminaires are a perfect way to upgrade your existing, outdated luminaires and take advantage of the many benefits of LED. Maintenance costs are virtually eliminated as there are no lamps to change. Our LED luminaires are engineered for long life as many of them are designed to provide over 100,000 hours of LED light. Using ASD’s affordable LED high efficiency fixtures can provide additional significant benefits by reducing your energy costs providing you are rapid return on investment.

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