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Time for a Holiday Surprise – Avail the Special Promo Prices on ASD LED PANELS


ASD is sending season’s greetings your way, along with a little surprise that will help you SAVE BIG this holiday!

We are putting an exclusive price tag on all our LED Panels - the most popular products in our indoor lighting range. These aesthetically appealing and high-performance panels can light up any indoor space and create the perfect ambiance for all the guests or visitors. Whether it’s a cozy family affair or a crazy party with the friends, proper lights play a key role in setting the right mood.

Both – our direct-lit and edge-lit panels are perfect for offices, homes, restaurants, shops, or any indoor facility you wish to make more inviting and exciting. Elegant and stylish, our LED Edge-Lit Flat Panels are among the slimmest LED panels available in the market. They have quickly become the foremost choice for offices and stores. Simple and efficient, our Direct-Lit panels are already the most reasonably priced panels you can find. And now they are available at an even lower price.

This is a perfect opportunity to stock up on these hot cakes and maximize your holiday sales.

Our dimmable LED panels are UL and DLC certified. Like all our products, these panels are also engineered to stay energy efficient throughout their lifetime. They are easy to install and will not require any repair or maintenance for years to come.

Our customer service representatives are always here to answer all your queries and concerns regarding the products that you have purchased or the ones you are about to purchase.

For more information regarding the exclusive holiday DISCOUNT on LED panels, get in touch with an ASD representative near you!