BULB Round Outdoor Wall Cylinder

DESIGN. ROUND OUTDOOR WALL CYLINDER has a modern design with effective up/down illumination. This E26 base fixture is made from die-cast aluminum and a tempered glass cover. The high quality reflector creates a 50° beam angle.

BULBS. The fixture includes a standard E26 medium base which is compatible with a variety of incandescent, CFL or LED bulbs less than 60W.
Durable waterproof housing resistant to rust and impact can be used outdoors in all weather conditions.

APPLICATION. The fixture is rated for Wet Locations, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor projects such as decks, front doors, porches, patios, corridors, walkways, or any other common areas.

ADVANTAGES. ASD provides a 5-year limited warranty along with ETL certification to guarantee top quality products and safety!

Round Outdoor Wall Cylinder

LocationOperating t°CertificateCut SheetUPC (GTIN-12)GTIN (14)

— UP and DOWN Light —

ASD-OCL-2I-2660-BK-2PACK120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 7/1611 13/16Wet-40 +113F°/-40 +45C°81012811386110810128113868
ASD-OCL-2I-2660-SS120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/811 13/16Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073066230810050730663
ASD-OCL-2I-2660-WH120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/811 13/16Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073065530810050730656
ASD-OCL-2I-2660-BZ120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/811 13/16Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073064830810050730649
ASD-OCL-2I-2660-BK120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/811 13/16Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073063130810050730632

— UP or DOWN Light —

ASD-OCL-1I-2660-BK-2PACK120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 7/167 7/8Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81012811226010810128112267
ASD-OCL-1I-2660-WH-2PACK120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 7/167 7/8Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81012811163810810128111635
ASD-OCL-1I-2660-SS120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/87 7/8Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073062430810050730625
ASD-OCL-1I-2660-WH120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/87 7/8Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073061730810050730618
ASD-OCL-1I-2660-BK120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/87 7/8Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073059430810050730595
ASD-OCL-1I-2660-BZ120V60W max50⁰4 3/86 3/87 7/8Wet-40+113°F -40+45°C81005073060030810050730601