ASD LED-BR30 Dimmable light bulbs produce better, brighter light than a traditional incandescent recessed light. Designed to enhance colors and produce a more natural feeling, these bulbs are your best value for the money. Our BR30 bulbs are designed for use in 6” recessed light cans and many years of life for a fraction of the cost of a traditional bulb.


Model Product code Type Base W Equivalent W Voltage CCT Lumen Dimming
Warranty Operating t° Energy Guide label UL
ASD-LED-BR30D26-10-30 125.0140 BR30 26 10 65 120V 3,000 650 D 25,000 3 -13+113°F /-25+45°C
ASD-LED-BR30D26-10-40 125.0141 BR30 26 10 65 120V 4,000 650 D 25,000 3 -13+113°F /-25+45°C