LED Slim Seamless Vapor Proof Fixtures

ASD LED Seamless Premium VaporProof fixture is a modern contemporary lighting fixture widely used in many different commercial and residential environments. It has many features that make it the perfect choice for wet and dusty locations. They can be used in car washes, warehouses, parking garages, stairwells, pool areas, etc.

ASD LED Seamless Premium VaporProof fixture will significantly reduce energy consumption and decrease your energy costs. They are very easy to install and are the perfect replacement for your existing fluorescent fixture. A polycarbonate body makes this fixture impact resistant and able to maintain its luster over time. ASD LED Seamless Premium VaporProof fixture are maintenance-free and produce bright, high quality light without shadows. Our affordable price makes it an ideal option for any commercial or residential application.


LED Vapor Proof 4ft 38W

IPOperating t°
DimmingCertificateCut SheetIESUPC (GTIN-12)GTIN (14)
ASD-LVP3SM-4N3850PRM120-277V38W5,0005,000>80120°49 1/42 1/23 1/2IP65 -40+104°F -40+40°CR>50,000 C>206,000No81920102636410819201026361

— with Battery back-up —

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ASD-LVP3SM-4N3850-EM-PRM120-277V38W5,0005,000>80120°49 1/42 1/23 1/2IP65 -40+104°F -40+40°CR>50,000 C>206,000No81920102637110819201026378

LED Vapor Proof 4ft 36W

IPOperating t°
CertificateCut SheetIESUPC (GTIN-12)GTIN (14)
ASD-LVP3SM-4N3650PRM120-277V36W4,8085,000>80120°49 1/42 1/23 1/2IP66-4+104°F -20+40°CR>50,000 C>206,000NoStandard81920102088110819201020888
ASD-LVP3SM-4N3640PRM120-277V36W4,7124,000>80120°49 1/42 1/23 1/2IP66-4+104°F -20+40°CR>50,000 C>206,000NoStandard81920102087410819201020871