LED Surface Mount Round Mini Panel

Our ASD LED Round Mini Panel is a cutting-edge choice for indoor lighting for both residential and commercial applications.

This round lit mini panel features low energy consumption, a 5 year warranty and is rated to last more than 54,000 hours.
This low profile design allows you to have a variety of simple mounting applications such as surface mount or in place of a recessed can trim kit.

Available in White finish with 5”, 7” and 9” sizes and 3k and 4k colors, our Round LED Mini Panel is Energy Star qualified and ETL listed and will illuminate any space with ease.



LED Minipanel Surface mount Round

IPOperating t°
DimmingCertificateCut SheetIESUPC (GTIN-12)GTIN (14)

— 9" —

ASD-MNPR-9D1840-Win stock120V18W1,6364,000>80120°8 7/88 7/81/2IP20-4+104°F -20+40°C78,000Yes81920102047810819201020475
ASD-MNPR-9D1830-Win stock120V18W1,5773,000>80120°8 7/88 7/81/2IP20-4+104°F -20+40°C78,000Yes81920102046110819201020468

— 7" —

ASD-MNPR-7D1240-Win stock120V12W1,0584,000>80120°771/2IP20-4+104°F -20+40°C78,000Yes81920102043010819201020437
ASD-MNPR-7D1230-Win stock120V12W9423,000>80120°771/2IP20-4+104°F -20+40°C78,000Yes81920102042310819201020420

— 5" —

ASD-MNPR-5D640-Win stock120V6W3744,000>80120°5 3/85 3/81/2IP20-4+104°F -20+40°C78,000Yes81920102039310819201020390
ASD-MNPR-5D630-Win stock120V6W3633,000>80120°5 3/85 3/81/2IP20-4+104°F -20+40°C78,000Yes81920102038610819201020383
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