LED UFO High Bay

Optional Accessories

DESIGN & OPTIONS. LED UFO HIGH BAY is extremely efficient with a 130-150lm/W output and are equipped with 0-10V dimmable drivers. Die-cast aluminum housing also provides excellent heat dissipation. You can choose either 120-277V or 200-480V with 3500K, 4000K or 5000K color temperature. Additional options include: motion sensor kit for higher energy savings, battery back-up with 90 min of power, and different types of reflectors and lenses (sold separately). Comes with a WHITE or BRONZE finish.

INSTALLATION. This fixture has three different mounting options: suspended, surface, and pendant. It can easily be suspended from the ceiling with the included hanging ring. Surface and pendant mount brackets are also available (sold separately). Refer to install instructions for detailed steps.

APPLICATION. These lights are the perfect commercial or industrial solution for warehouses, supermarkets, retail stores, gyms, garages, general task areas, and many other applications. This fixture is Wet location rated and IP69K certified and is resistant to high pressure, temperature, water, and dust. These LED UFO HIGH BAY LIGHTS can operate in temperatures between -40+149°F (-40+65°C), allowing them to be utilized in a wide variety of applications and climates.

ENERGY SAVINGS & EFFICIENCY. This fixture provides a lumen output equal to MH/HPS and can cut your electric bill by up to 80% instantly. With a lifespan of 54,000 hours, these fixtures are made to last decades under normal operation! This fixture will save you a significant amount of money in its lifetime.

CERTIFICATION & WARRANTY. Buy with confidence: ASD provides a 5-year warranty along with UL and DLC Premium and Standard certifications to guarantee top quality products and safety!

Top US certifications allow participation in rebates; please check the rebate programs available in your state.

LED UFO High Bay Premium Series

IPOperating t°
CertificateCut SheetIESUPC (GTIN-12)
ASD-UHB2-100D35-PRM120-277V100W15,0663,500>70120°10 1/410 1/46 1/4IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050734523
ASD-UHB2-240D50W-PRM120-277V240W35,5205,000>70120°12 9/1612 9/166 3/4IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050734516
ASD-UHB2-150D40W-PRM120-277V150W20,3214,000>80120°10 1/410 1/45 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050733304
ASD-UHB2-100D40W-PRM120-277V100W13,7654,000>80120°10 1/410 1/45 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050733281
ASD-UHB2-200D50W-PRM120-277V200W29,6005,000>70120°10 1/410 1/46 7/8IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050733335
ASD-UHB2-150D50W-PRM120-277V150W22,2005,000>70120°10 1/410 1/46 7/8IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050733311
ASD-UHB2-100D50W-PRM120-277V100W14,8005,000>70120°10 1/410 1/46 1/4IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050733298
ASD-UHB2-300D50-PRM120-277V300W40,8545,000>80120°12 5/812 5/86 3/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201025855
ASD-UHB2-240D50-PRM120-277V240W35,5205,000>70120°12 9/1612 9/166 3/4IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201024018
ASD-UHB2-200D50-PRM120-277V200W29,6005,000>80120°10 1/410 1/45 15/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201023509
ASD-UHB2-150D50-PRM120-277V150W22,2005,000>80120°10 1/410 1/45 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201023493
ASD-UHB2-100D50-PRM120-277V100W14,8005,000>70120°10 1/410 1/46 1/4IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201023486
ASD-UHB2-200D40W-PRM120-277V200W26,5604,000>80120°10 1/410 1/45 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium810050733328

— High Voltage —

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ASD-UHB2HV-240D50-PRM200-480V240W32,7145,000>80120°12 5/812 5/85 3/4IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201026029
ASD-UHB2HV-200D50-PRM200-480V200W27,6075,000>80120°10 1/410 1/46 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201023530
ASD-UHB2HV-150D50-PRM200-480V150W19,8755,000>80120°10 1/410 1/45 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201023523
ASD-UHB2HV-100D50-PRM200-480V100W13,6155,000>80120°10 1/410 1/45 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesPremium819201023516

LED UFO High Bay Standard Series

IPOperating t°
CertificateCut SheetIESUPC (GTIN-12)
ASD-UHB2-150D35-STD120-277V150W19,4193,500>80120°10 1/410 1/45 5/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesStandard819201025671
ASD-UHB2-200D35-STD120-277V200W26,0413,500>80120°10 1/410 1/45 15/16IP65/IP69K-40+149°F -40+65°CR>54,000 C>145,000YesStandard819201025688