Accessories for LED UFO High Bay

Accessories for UFO High Bay

UFO High Bay optional accessories are available to customize the fixture to your needs.

These options include an inline wire connector for power cable, a polycarbonate diffuser and a polycarbonate bottom conical lens or aluminum diffuser.

Accessories for LED UFO High Bay

MaterialUPC (GTIN-12)GTIN (14)

— Options —

Remote test switchEMK-RCLED Emergency back-up power supply 40W5 3/41/81/8Plastic81005073118810810050731185
LED Emergency back-up power supply 40WWP-EWG-040ULED UFO High Bay 100-300W11 1/44 7/84 7/8Iron81005073117110810050731178
Microwave Motion Sensor kit.UHBHV-MSK2LED UFO High Bay High Voltage 100-300W3 1/83 1/82 1/2Plastic81920102584820819201025842
Inline Wire ConnectorLLT-M19CS03LED UFO High Bay 100-300W7 5/82 1/82 1/8Nylon81920102059110819201020598
Remote ControlUHB-RC-MSK1LED UFO High Bay 100-300W4 1/22 1/81/2Plastic81920102200710819201022004
Microwave Motion Sensor kitUHB-MSK1LED UFO High Bay 100-300W3 1/83 1/82 1/2Plastic81920102199420819201021998

— Brackets and Hooks —

Pendant Mount BracketASD-PMB-UHBLED UFO High Bay 100-300W2 3/81 1/22 7/8Steel81005073152210810050731529
Screw-bolt hook M10ASD-HS-M10LED UFO High Bay 100-200W3 1/81 1/41 /16Aluminum81005073116410810050731161
Spring Hook M12ASD-H-M12LED UFO High Bay 240-500W4 1/82 1/21/2Stainless steel   81005073055610810050730553
Surface mount Bracket 100-300WASD-SMB100/300-UHB2LED UFO High Bay 100-300W9 11/163 1/85 5/16Iron81920102699910819201026996
Surface mount Bracket 100-240WASD-SMB100/240-UHB2LED UFO High Bay 100-240W95 1/41 3/8Iron81920102532910819201025326
Spring Hook M10ASD-H-M10LED UFO High Bay 100-200W3 15/162 1/43/8Stainless steel   81920102531220819201025316

— Reflectors and Lens —

Aluminium Reflector 21'' 120˚ASD-DUHB-21-120ALGLED UFO High Bay 100-300W21214 1/8Aluminum81920102063810819201020635
Polycarbonate Bottom Conical Lens 19''ASD-BLUHB-19PCLED UFO High Bay 100-300W18 11/1618 11/161 1/4PC81920102065210819201020659
Polycarbonate Reflector 19'' 90˚ASD-DUHB-19-90PCLED UFO High Bay 100-300W18 7/818 7/85 1/2PC81920102061410819201020611
Polycarbonate Bottom Conical Lens 16''ASD-BLUHB-16PCLED UFO High Bay 100-300W15 15/1615 15/161 1/4PC81920102064510819201020642
Polycarbonate Reflector 16'' 90˚ASD-DUHB-16-90PCLED UFO High Bay 100-300W16 1/43 7/816 1/4PC81920102060710819201020604
Aluminium Reflector 16'' 90˚ASD-DUHB-16-90ALLED UFO High Bay 100-300W15 3/415 3/45 1/8Aluminum81920102062110819201020628